Saturday with an Integra

Got the opportunity to get together with a friend of ours this past Saturday and shoot his car. We had been meaning to do it for a couple of months but hadn’t had the opportunity. Time became free so I called him up and we got together and got some shots. This is one of the best sessions I have done of a car yet, and the best editing that I have been able to do. If you had seen the paint chops on his front bumper, Oh my god. I was so thankful when there were a few that I didn’t have to fix! Anyhoo, Take a look and tell me what you think! they will be put into the Motorsport section of the galleries! Here is one as a preview!

Also, we will be posting up some gorgeous portraits that we took a few weeks ago of a clients daughters! They are just magnificent! Please stay tuned for them as they will be up very soon.


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