Am I me??

So This post is a little different then what I normally post about. Usually you will see me post up a picture and explain the store behind it. Well, that is not the case today.  I wanted to give my view-point on the aspect of individualism in photography.

Yes, we all know that I am in fact a photographer. Yes, we all know in fact that it started out as a hobby and has grown to a big passion that I plan to make a career out of. But, how did I get to that point? I got to it on my own.  For some reason, not really sure why I have come under a lot of flack lately by a group of people on how I handle my progression in this art form. The sad part about it is that these people, who claim to know what they are talking about, do not do photography but “know” people and “know” the basics. Now if that were true, I would have no problem what so ever listening to them and their opinions, but it’s unfortunately not. I for one also do not understand the idea that they are not fond of me being an individual. They take me saying that because I don’t want help, I am ignorant and that I have no idea what I am doing. Because of this they for some reason think that I will not succeed in my life. Come on, seriously? What I find humorous is that this is the same group of people who “wonder why there is no individuality in the car culture anymore.”

I got where I am today, yes I am still growing in my craft by doing things the way that I have done them. I have asked for help here and there but that is barely every. I do not want help. I am a person who will try everything on their own and when help is wanted. I will ask. BUT, to take it so personally that I do not want your help shows more immaturity then me not taking advice or criticism.

The whole idea of this post is to raise the question of what in fact is being an individual mean? This world that we live in has become so convoluted that we as humans are stuck to a believe and cannot get out of it. I just find it interesting that when a person tries to be an individual on one thing, and not on the next they are completely scrutinized for  it. It does not make any sense to me what so ever.  Maybe it’s because I look at the work that I do or that anyone does with an open mind but other people don’t. If someone does not do one thing one way that it has always been done when taking pictures, it’s not right. So where is the art? If you are not doing something your own way, how can you express yourself. If you do it th other persons way, although it may work, where is your individualism, where is your sense of self?

I am tired of expressing an opinion or showing a piece of art or a photography as someone may call it and being belittled for the work that I do because it’s how I do my work. If I do not want to listen to criticism, well I mean it is what I do and how I do it. But do not put me down for trying something the way I want to do it.

I am an individual and will continue to do the things that I want to do when it comes to this passion/hobby/career, can I say that about other people without them completely copying someone else’s ideas and pieces of work just because it works? probably not, so many people are scared of stepping outside of the box that it’s a sad world that we live in now.

I am me and do things the only way I know, my way.

Are you an individual? or do you just play one in pop culture?


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