A Day at the Dogwood Festival

So Ashley, my mother, and I went to Atlanta’s Piedmont Park yesterday to go to the Dogwood Festival that they hold every year in Atlanta.  This I believe is only the second time that I have ever gone to the festival, at least as far as I can remember, but its a great time. So many talented people, some great greasy food, and a great sunny day.  It definitely is a great time. I went with the intention to hopefully take some good pictures of the happenings going on, and possibly my mother and Ashley. I didn’t get to take that many but there are a few that I am definitely most proud of:

These were the best pictures that I got for the day and I am definitely happy with all of them for the quickness that I was taking them. Processing definitely helped, I will not lie!

One thing that I realized at the festival was that there really are good artists and bad artists. I hate to say it, but this applies so specifically when it comes to photography. Me and Ashley were walking around with our camera, taking pictures when we could, being respectful of people’s art when it said not too. That especially applied with the photography booths. We would go in to the booths to look at the photographs and look at some work and the artist would be more than happy to talk about their work. You then go into some others and they are just arrogant. Now, I know that there are people who hold their work very dear to their heart and don’t want people stealing it, I don’t want that either. But, when you are like ” I KNOW YOUR NOT TAKING PICTURES, I KNOW YOU KNOW BETTER.” I mean SERIOUSLY, if we look like know what we are doing with photographs, we know the “unspoken rule” not to do that. I just don’t think it was professional to immediately say that.  And that was just one example of the few encounters that we had. Oh well!

All in all, the festival was great. It really made me and Ashley realize that it really would be a great thing for us to do those festivals. Not only to allow us to make some money, but to let us get our work out there! Granted there is a selection process, but I believe our work can speak for itself and allow us to have thousands of people come in and walk by our tent! So with that said, look for us two years from now at the Dogwood!


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