New Canon cameras: T3 and T3i

Just got word that canon will be coming out with two new cameras! While they only came out with the t2i and t1i along with the 60d not to long ago, they have decided to bring out two new cameras, the T3 and T3i. These two cameras will provide the same quality of photography that its past predecessors provided! Check out the brief descriptions below:

the T3

The lower model of the two, the T3 provides you again with the Digic 4 processor! It will come with 12.2 mega pixels and an ISO of 6400. The camera will process 3 frames per second and  720p Video will be on the camera as well. Live view will also once again be on this camera and be able to support SDXC memory cards for those avid shooters who may never empty their memory card!

the T3i

The T3i is from the looks of it will be the camera that is between the t2i and 60d. Yes, I know, thats obvious but stay with me.  The T3i will feature all the usual, as well as all the features that the normal T3 has with some additional benefits. Coming with an adjustable screen, the camera will be 18 mp along with full 1080p video recording. The ISO will be the same as the T3 at 6400 and the processor is still the Digic 4.  This camera will also support the new SDXC format of memory card


These look to be some pretty nice cameras and I am sure will live up to the standards that all the past canon EOS cameras have set. For more information then just my brief over-view, check out, they have some good information on them and what all they are about.


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