skill followed by experimentation

So I think I have mentioned before that my girlfriend is going to school for a commercial photography degree. With that said, I will not lie, I hate that form of photography! But, its her passion and she loves studio work. I myself am as you all know a landscape-scenery, Motorsports, and portrait person. Even with portraits I am all about the natural, I hate using equipment as I just for some reason think that it takes away from what the picture is SUPPOSED to look like when you take it. Doctoring this and that can only go so far till it just look like a plastic person! But what I think is the coolest thing that she has come to learn over the past few years that she has been going towards this degree is the amount of editing knowledge that she has learned how to do. I will never compare to the abilities that she has. Partly because I want to continue my aspect of “natural style” and the other part being because I will NEVER remember how to do all that shit.

As you saw in my blog from earlier this week, me and her went out on Sunday night and played around with my flash. We are going to possibly do a wedding in the next few months and to get a hang on what the flash can do and how to do it is going to be a good thing. You all saw my pictures of her, might I add she looks great in every single one of them. But i didn’t get to show you hers. Now, I don’t have any of these pictures, but I do have one that she gave me that I liked. It originally was a picture of her shooting me from above and my hat overshadowing my face to where you could just see my mouth. She was playing around with it and i saw how it looked at one point and i was like “THATS AWESOME, could you do this?” and she did.  and well here’s the final product, this picture and the editing that she did is awesome. I cannot tell you how many layers I saw on that layer side bar!


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