….Moment of experimenting…

So I have been thinking about doing a certain type of shot lately, but I haven’t honestly been able to get the chance to do it as of late with as much as I have been working lately.  I tend to get home and be exhausted and don’t even want to pick up a camera. Man oh man how that stinks! Anyways, as many of you know or can tell,  my favorite look in photography is a black and white shot. I love black and white, to me it always shows emotion, passion, or drama.

Well the new shot I am considering doing is doing another black and white shot, but in the dark with a flash. I know many of you whom are into photography and have seen many shots like that but I want to be able to give my shot at it. I wont be able to attempt it just yet as I just don’t have tones of time, but I wanted to post an example of what I wanted to accomplish.

I personally think this is an amazing photo. To me it symbolizes silence and vacancy. Strange perception I know, but that’s  just how I see it. It’s a very symbolic photo in my opinion. This is an example of what I would like to accomplish with the photography I am dying to take.


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