…My Favorite Form…

So I got to thinking today about my favorite form of photography and it honestly consists of two things; Black and White, and landscape.  Those two forms are the two that I love the most. Scenery is beautiful, and then the Black and White aspect allows  for a dramatic feel depending on the scenery.  A good photographer to look at for these types of photo’s is Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adams lived for many years taking so many amazing pictures. One thing to keep in mind is that all his pictures were taken with film. not digital. No doctored images other than how long he might have wanted to have exposed them in the dark room.  I love his photo’s and I hope you enjoy them too. I think some of the best photographs ever taken especially in black and white were taken by him while he was alive. An to think, many of the pictures and the effects that he did with the pictures were all done with film and not digital. Shows what you can do with “old school” style.

Adams is definitely a good reference to the type of photography that like. Melding the Black and White with the Scenery/Landscape Photography is just something that I will always love till I am not able to take pictures anymore.

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