So I have been under a lot of stress as of late, and my god do I not handle stress all that well. Ill admit, its something I need to work on. But that takes time. This made me think of something that had nothing to do with school ( Even though it could totally be applied to it) and more so photography. I got to thinking about my progression over the past 3 years. When I first got started, more so with shooting people. GOD i was horrible. I had no idea how to do it; never knew about the golden hour, lighting, or certain poses. that kinda thing I basically just told the person to go over there and pose and ill shoot.
"teleatha's shoot"

I honestly had no idea when I was taking that picture. We went to the park, I took her to this huge tree that they have over in the corner where it was pretty shaded but lighted enough to where it wouldn’t cause a problem and shot their. For this shot, i asked her to go sit down in the tall grass that was next to the tree and I shot from above. For my first shoot. I think it came out good.

The next time I did a shoot for someone it was a little better. I already knew about the golden hour and how lighting should be on the subject. I will admit I did get some help from my girlfriend, She definitely helped me when it came to the direction of the girl that I was shooting. I needed her help, the girl was paying me and I did not want to mess it up.

Natalie Photoshoot

This was hell of a shot. We went over close to the lake and there was a tree that was perfect for her to sit it. I followed suit by climbing up onto the tree branch above her so I could look down on her. Ended up looking really good, Could have been a little brighter but it the shot itself and the positioning of it was awesome. I did learn a lot more about editing in this shoot. That was a good experience.

I felt really good about that shoot. She ended up loving the pictures and It made me really happy. She even said that she would definitely come back to me when she needed or wanted more pictures, that made me feel great!

My final and honestly I think my best work yet as far as clarity, colors, positioning, etc., was a what I guess you could call an impromptu photoshoot. My and my girlfriend were out at a park shooting pictures of a sunset going down over a lake. I had gotten my shot I just started shooting her. I asked her to look at me a couple of times and this was my favorite.

ashley at tribble

Now, granted that this was an impromptu shoot that I decided to just shoot her while she was shooting. But I honestly think this is some of my best work yet. I know there are still some color issues as far as the colors being cool and not probably as bright and exposed properly as they could be. But as far I am concerned, I think this looks amazing.

The reason behind this post is the three words that are posted in the title. Patience, Practice, and Progression. I have needed and begun to develop patience in the art of photography realizing that it takes practice to then progress in a field of something that you hold dear or need in order to go farther in life. Those three words can honestly be applied to anything from a passion that one has, to every day life.

so have patience, keep on practicing and you will progress to what ever you want too.


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