It’s incredible to think that there are people in this world that you will always consider close to you no matter what. Regardless of where and when you see them and how long it actually takes. You do have people that exist in your life that you talk to on a daily basis, and are technically your friend. but are they really? I look back on the years of my life with so many instances of people whom I called “friends” at some point and am astonished at the actuality of it. I have come and gone from so many people. Not because I don’t like the person, but because if I don’t see them for a while and then come back and they act differently. Are they really that person that I knew before, or was that just a facade that they put up in order to gain something from me. Maybe it is a fault that I have, and maybe I will find out the true existence of it some day, I’m Honestly not sure. I’m 24 years old and I am still finding out so much stuff about myself so I guess we shall see.

To be blunt, and philosophical if you will: A friend is someone that you can not see for a LONG time and the day you and whom ever you come back to get back together, its exactly the same in which you left it. If you come back and things are different, you notice change and or difference, are they truly your best friend? Or were they an acquaintance that you just happened to “befriend” each other to make that time doing what ever it was that you were doing that much more bearable. I’ll be happy to say that I am lucky to have true best friends. Some that I honestly don’t have to see for months, maybe talk every now and then, but NOTHING ever be different. Do you have that?


One thought on “Friendship…

  1. I agree with you on all parts. I can say that i have a small handful of true friends, but a small amount is better than none!

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