A little Taste of Beauty.

You know, this past week has been one of the best weeks for me in a long time. I have put myself under a lot of stress over the past couple of months cause I was not happy, but for some reason this past week gave me a huge kick in the right direction. I have not felt this calm and this happy in a long time. for some reason right now, I feel like I finally have control and am amidst the dawning of a new beginning. Because of this, I want to share this beautiful picture with everyone. I took this a few days ago at a park that me and my girlfriend went to take pictures. The sun was setting and I hadn’t been able to take an awesome picture in so long so wanted to get one and this came out amazing:

This picture to my symbolizes a close to a phase in my life allowing a new one to begin. The great thing is, that picture was taken on the day where I decided its time for me to make things happen and not stay where I am not happy. So here is to a new beginning, for me and for anyone.


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