Just a taste.

So I would like to start off with one of the best pictures I have ever taken. It was a shot in the dark when I took it. But it worked out SO well. You’ll begin to notice as you see my postings that a lot of my pictures, especially the ones that I are in black and white. It is just incredibly artistic to me.

Tree at Black shoals

I took this shot at a park I had not been to in years, I had been wanting to back to their for so long because I knew of the bridge that was there and thought it would have been a cool picture. I took the pics of the bridge. Got one good one, and then saw this tree as I was walking across the bridge. My first thought or idea when taking a the picture was just that I wanted to take a photography of the vast lake that was on this side of the bridge. I didn’t really think about the tree, figured it was just a good mid-point. After I took the picture I loved it. I got home put it in black and white, played with the colors and contrast a little bit and this was the end result .

I want to bring the pictures that I think are amazing to all of you, I could be crazy in some of the photographs that I take and post but my whole intention is to not only take a good photographs, but to tell you all a story. This is just a taste of my journey and what is yet to come. I hope you will continue to follow all my shots and the journey I go on through life daily by taking pictures


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